Monday, August 21, 2023

Wallaby (What a Being!) - Kiyohiko Azuma


Here's another scanlation of a more obscure work done by famed manga artist Kiyohiko Azuma - Wallaby!



Originally published in the gaming magazine GAME-JIN, this was collected into its own little booklet and published along with Azumanga 2, along with Try! Try! Try!

One day I will conquer the main booklet...

First time I have ever debound a book using a hairdryer. Yeouch!

Azumanga 2 came with a CD-ROM, and just like with Try! Try! Try!, I went ahead and translated all the Wallaby-related webpages and included them here. Peep some behind-the-scenes faxes!

2000's Japanese web design my beloved...


Also included on the disc are some Wallaby-themed favicons, which I've put into its own folder.

Very convenient, I was looking for a favicon.

Much like Try! Try! Try!, there was a somewhat low-quality translation floating around. The scan itself wasn't terrible but definitely needed an update. The translation, however...

Screams ESL to me. I wonder if "seventh heaven" is a reference to something...

Ah, much better! No more "locking-ups" for this poor Victorian child.

This one isn't nearly as known compared to Try! Try! Try!, but it is still quite indicative of Azuma's quality of the time period. Wallaby overlapped publication along with the beginnings of Azumanga Daioh, and the humor is quite similar. Anybody who's a fan of Kiyohiko Azuma should check this out!

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Nyaa (Torrent)

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