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Azumanga Recycle Part 1: Laserdiscs


Swag Akari

This is the first section of my scan and translation of Azumanga Recycle, which you can read the details about here.

Update: You can download the second part here!

This download has the first 46 pages of Azumanga Recycle, scanned and translated by me. The bulk it is taken up by the first section of comics, called "Laserdiscs", and contains gag comics drawn by Kiyohiko Azuma that were published with the Laserdisc and VHS releases of episodes of Tenchi Muyo! and Battle Athletes.

Man, Tenchi Muyo is such a weird franchise...

The comics come from the following releases, and are shown in this order:

  • Tenchi In Tokyo
  • Tenchi the Movie: Tenchi Muyo in Love
  • Tenchi the Movie 2: The Daughter of Darkness
  • Battle Athletes (OVA)
  • Tenchi Universe

It caps off with the original illustration of Akari, shown above.

Note that for pages 2-3 & 34-45, the image files actually contains two pages. This is because the book was bound to be read from right-to-left, but these particular pages have comics that were made to be read from left-to-right. (So the book is bound like any manga, but when you get to these pages, you're expected to begin reading on, say, page 35 on the left, and continue to page 34 on the right. Confusing, huh?)

Here is the download link for this section:



how i will look in 30 years

Enjoy! Special thanks to the Tenchi Muyo wiki for all the information to help me translate.

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